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"It was my great pleasure to work with David during my 8 years as Head Coach at the Manston Golf Centre in Kent. He was, in fact, my most senior coach and helped formulate the highly successful coaching philosophy which we named "Positive Impact Golf."


Golfers of all levels, from beginner to experienced low handicap player, can be assured of his refreshingly simple approach to the art of coaching others. He is dedicated to helping people to enjoy their golf without the modern tendency to over-complicate the golf swing.


Furthermore, David is a very friendly person who will make your lessons a happy and joyous affair. You can put yourself in his hands with complete confidence"


Brians Sparks


"I have been playing golf on and off for 13 years thinking I knew what I was doing; taking tips from golf on TV.  I would hit 2 or 3 good shots a round, or have a nice chip to the hole.  I was happy with that for far too long.


I got a new job which meant I had a lot more spare time during the day., and felt it was time to join  a golf club.  I needed some help and wanted to become a better golfer.  I met David at Manston Golf in 2010 and I was a solid 28 handicap.  I booked one lesson thinking that was all I needed to sharpen things up.   That lesson showed me I needed to re-think everything – my swing was not good at all!  David was great.  He showed me some simple drills to get me moving in the right direction and, at some point in that lesson  I hit a shot like I had never hit it before.  After that lesson I booked another four, and, after that another four.


David ‘s style of coaching was perfect for me.  Not too much complicated information and terms I had never heard of,  just very helpful ideas that suited my swing and got it moving in the right direction by working on one thing at a time.  I joined St, Augustine’s Golf Club and was given a 20 handicap.  I had dropped from a solid 28 handicap in only a month or so.  I did win several competitions there and, after 2 years, needed a tougher challenge so I joined Boughton Golf Club and played to a handicap of 14.


"I hope to get to single figures one day and David and I are working toward this goal and I am sure we will get there.


Having also met several of David’s other lessons, it is clear to me that he understands each person as an individual and what their game might need.


David also likes to get people playing together, the social side of the game is important to him too.  Day trips to France, trips to Europe or just 9 holes and dinner at the local pub are all very enjoyable for anyone who takes part.


I have been having lessons with David for 5 years now and there have been times when my game is good and I have not needed any lessons, but he has always been there when my game has needed a little help to get me swinging the club solid again.  David is also keen to get other family members playing golf and my wife is playing her first competition this year.  My 2 boys are also members.


I would recommend David if you are thinking about having lessons, as you get more than just a lesson.  Your game will improve and if you are also looking for the social side, you get that too.  For me and my wife , David and his wife Jane  are great friends too."


Alex L

Boughton Golf Club.


"Having used the services of David Vernon for many years now, I found his approach to coaching both instructional but more importantly extremely good fun. David manages to teach what very a simple game, in a simple logical and more importantly non-technical manner. Too many coaches have moved on the use of flight monitors, with angle of attack this and club face path that, which too often hinders and not helps the student.

David’s social events and trips are not to be missed. At all times he is attentive and takes great care to ensure that all members of his tours are kept informed of any changes but in particular that they are having a great time. The perfect host. If you are considering booking one of David’s Gourmet evenings or a golf trip, I cannot recommend either of these enough, as they take the social side of golf to a different level. Thank you David more of the same please."


Steve G.


"As a complete novice, I was introduced to Golf by David. I enjoyed a beautiful day of Golf, followed by a fantastic gourmet meal with others who attended the event.


Everything was taken care of by David and all I had to do was turn up. I can not remember the last time I attended such a well organised event.


Thank you very much and I look forward to the Spain trip next year."




" David has the ability to simplify golf and get you hitting the ball with confidence. I've known him for several years and turned to him in desperation back in 2014 when my game fell apart. We played a couple of holes together and he quickly identified my problem. Better than that, he took me back to the range and gave me three simple steps to radically improve my ball striking. The shanks disappeared and the ball was now coming out of the middle of the club. What a relief!


My partner and I have been on four golf coaching holidays organised by David. These have been beneficial for our golf but more than that they have been tremendous fun. Many people like to call themselves a 'people person' but David most definitely is. He cares about his clients, works hard to ensure that everyone is having a good time and still finds time to enjoy himself. That makes for the right atmosphere and a great team event."



" David's coaching acumen speaks for itself having had 30 years experience. However it is how he teaches and communicates that sets him apart.


There is zero ego with David. He is only interested in helping you reach your golfing goals. Even to the point of asking for a second opinion from another coach if necessary.


His approach to coaching is refreshingly simple. Positive reinforcement mixed with manageable technical insight delivered in a simple and understandable way.


Coaching can be an intimidating proposition however this is where David's exceptional people skills come into their own. A nicer, more decent person you couldn't hope to meet.


Oh and he has taken me from an 18 down to 11 handicap in just over a year!


Ryan Elliot 


"I have known David Vernon through his golf activities for over 10 years now. I started as a complete novice, not knowing anything about golf at all.


With David's help encompassing his gentle laid back, friendly coaching style tailored to my needs, he has helped me progress woth my golf to where I am today. I can now play a round of golf without feeling awkward or embarrassed, confident that Dave's coaching techniques are continuing to help me all the time I am playing.


I would recommend David to anyone who is looking for help in improving their game whatever level they are playing at. His help has improved my game immensely and I am very grateful for all of his help in putting me in touch with fellow golfers and arranging games with player of similar ability."


Jon T

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